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Hello folks, and thank you for visiting my website; it’s been a long time coming!

I imagine most of you reading this, on my website, know a little about who I am, but for those who don’t;

My name is Joe Robinet; I am a 32-year-old father, husband and dog owner. I reside in Southern Ontario, where I run a successful outdoor YouTube channel called “Joe Robinet Bushcraft.

I have always loved the outdoors, as a child, growing up in a large city, I really had to imagine that the little bush lots I was playing in was vast wilderness. I would track coyotes, and raccoons, build forts and sleep in them, I’d attempt hunting squirrels and rabbit with a small bow and arrow, with no luck!

When I was old enough to move away, I did. I moved way up north to Sault Ste. Marie, and attended Sault College, where I took a Natural Resources {Field Naturalist} program, and was immediately immersed in what I had been missing my whole life – proper outdoors training.

I learned survival skills, tree and plant ID, navigation, animal tracking – we even had a winter survival class where we built quinzees and slept in them for two nights, with temps dropping to -40c.

After college, I worked as a trail guide in Huntsville that only lasted a year, as I was forced to return to Southern Ontario to be closer to family.

I started attending bushcraft courses put on by a former SERE instructor named Terry Barney. Terry became my mentor, and I eventually taught a couple classes for him.

All while this was going on I had started a YouTube channel to enter contests in an online bushcraft forum. At the time, I had no idea my small YouTube channel would turn into anything.

The past few years have been life-changing for me, just as my YouTube channel started to gain steam, I was approached to be in the first season of ALONE. I put my channel on hold, quit my job and dedicated almost a year of my life preparing to spend a long time in the wilderness. Well…. that didn’t work out as planned. After coming home from being crushed on the Island, I felt like I should give up, and almost did, but I made a decision that I couldn’t let that stop me from still doing what I love.

I poured everything into my channel from that moment on, even stating on video that I will make my channel into something big.

Embarking on many canoe, backpacking, and bushcraft trips, documenting, and putting out videos constantly solidified my place in the outdoor YouTube community.

With the gained popularity of my YouTube channel, comes constant questions on gear. I’ve been answering people and sending them all over the internet to purchase the gear that I use, gear that is tried and true.

It only makes sense to start selling that gear myself. On this website you will only find gear that I recommend and use, you will find JRB merchandise such as Scout patches, stickers, hats and shirts, and in the near future, signature knives and axes.

I really appreciate all the support, see you in the woods!